Why Choose Us

Experience:  Choose Experience, Get Results

  • MusgraveOrtho-WhyChooseUsDedicated,  experienced, and knowledgeable staff
    – Our orthodontic team has personnel employed by Dr. Musgrave spanning between 5 and 25 years
  • Dr. Musgrave has been an orthodontist for over 20 years and chooses to do the right treatment, at the right time, to create beautiful smiles.   The majority of our cases are done non-extraction.
  • Dr. Musgrave is a board certified orthodontist who utilizes new technologies yet knows how to implement the “tried and true” methods of the past.  Orthodontics is more than placing brackets and aligning the teeth, it’s about engineering faces or treating the whole face, not just straightening teeth.
  • Dr. Musgrave spent a year treating only patients with TMJ problems at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester NY, and has successively treated hundreds of patients relieving them of their TMJ and facial pain.

Environment: Choose Comfort, Be Relaxed

  • Our two offices in Delaware and Waldo are known for their comfortable, homey, and welcoming atmosphere
  • We offer free initial orthodontic consultations. A thorough explanation of the patient’s dental situation is given in an easily understandable manner.
  • Our staff members are caring and friendly toward our patients

Flexibility: Choose Flexibility, Have Less Stress

  • Flexible scheduling! Our staff works with patients and parents to provide convenient appointments.
  • Flexible financing, affordable treatment options, and various payment programs are always available

Assorted Benefits: Choose Us, Be Satisfied

  • High quality, low dose, digital imaging
  • Electric Oral B toothbrush with a Crest Kit given to each patient to encourage the best possible oral hygiene.  For more information, visit www.embraceit.com
  • Bonded & Clear Retainers
  • Never a charge for comfort-care (“emergency”) appointments
  • Free mouth guards for patients involved in sports